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How Beauty Empowered Works

Why such a long process of trying?

We know you like quick recommendation, but we are doing this for your benefits—

We could have got bunch of pre-made samples and gave it to you but then you are prejudice by brands.
We want you to like the product not because of brand name or packaging but because of it's performance.
We make sure each sample is sanitized and follows the customization process to personalized your skin need.

Why only 3 products to try?

We know you get a lot of skincare options, but a lot is not always good —

We are making it easy on you. We refine the skin care research so you can pick 1 from the top 3 choices.
You are trying one skin care category at a time so three is a sweet spot to pick a winning skincare easily.
Each samples is good for 3-4 trials and good things is you can reuse the container for your next travel trips.

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