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Product and Services

Please read the FAQ's below. If you can't find the answer you are looking for then submit your questions. We'll answer it!

Sure! There are two things we help you with.
1. EXPLORE SHOP — is our store where you can buy skincare products and healthy snacks along with some mindfulness products. Its a holistic shop.
2. PERSONALIZED SKINCARE— this is not exactly through alroundr but from another sister company called "Missing Skincare"

We don’t want to be just another skincare company, because:
- We want to be part of a solution that is to ease your skincare search
- Every dollar you spend is working on your behalf to create jobs funding local projects.
- We provide one platform to Shop for your Skin, Body and Mind needs but obviously we are not competing with amazon. We are doing it —keeping your health & beauty in mind.
- We only curate products that are liked by the consumers. Nothing is biased by brands or packaging.
- There are so many other reasons… but mainly we care about you.

First of all, welcome! We would say have a look around on our pages. Get the feel of the brand.
EXPLORE SHOP have all the products detailed descriptions. When you are sure of things you need— Add to cart and checkout. You’ll receive your order at your doorstep.
But let’s say you read the product descriptions and are still not sure what to buy. Don’t worry! We have esthetician to guide you. Go to and fill out your profile to personalize your skincare

We always do our best to keep the stock in check, but unfortunately there are bound to be out-of-stocks that cannot be avoided from time to time. We will notify you when it's back in stock so make sure your email is registered with us, so you’ll not miss out on your favorite items when it's back on our shelves.

That’s so sweet! Giving gifts at alroundr is easy. There is a perfect gift for any occasion for teenagers to adults — you can't go wrong! Just enter recipient's shipping address on the order for a quick shipment. Also you have an option to buy a E-gift card and forward the email to the lucky recipients.
Please note: While checking out, at the note section you can write a personal message. We provide a complimentary hand written note and eco friendly gift wrapping.

We love that you asked! Our goal is to source the products that you like. However there are few criteria we follow while sourcing the products.
- Ethical: What brands are doing to conserve the environment.
- Locally made: This provide jobs and reduce transportation footprint.
- Give back: Intention to thrive and giving back to the community
- Clarity: Transparent with ingredient list, and easy to understand
Please note: You are like family to us. Your voice and satisfaction is inevitable. If you have any brands that you absolutely love and wish we carry them. Share with us at We want to hear what your favorites are too!

Our Mind, Body and Skin are all interconnected. It is important to be mindful of the whole you and start with a healthy mind and body. A good skincare regimen will only do justice if your body's needs are met first.

We want to be a transparent company, instead of giving you a hope of false expectation. Skin problem such as deep scars, pigmentation, redness are very difficult to permanently treat with just over the counter products.
Like any other skincare company we do not provide full guarantee that our products and service will get rid of your skin concerns permanently.

We are here to save your time by minimizing your choices. We have done extensive research on what flavor is liked by most of the customers and only source those into our shop. However, we respect your choices. Let us know if there is any flavor or product that we do not carry but would be of interest to you, just message us at We are always open for suggestions.

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